Welcome to this  blog which is  for,  by and about  people  in   Muslim Christian and other interfaith marriages and families.  We’ve set it up as a straightforward way to share a range of  information, stories and  reflection around  the experience of muslim christian and  interfaith couples and the work of our support network.   You can find  more information on this via Facebook  (Muslim Christian and Interfaith marriage support) or at  http://www.interfaithmarriage.org.uk  and http://www.mcmarriage.org.uk

On this blog we will be  talking about lives, relationships and beliefs: our own and other peoples’ ,  in this setting curiosity and  honesty matter, as do  respect and sensitivity to the experience of others  and we welcome comments and posts made in this spirit.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi there,

    I am looking for an imam to marry myself (Muslim woman) and my arab Christian fiancée.

    If you have any recommendations of U.K. based imam who will do this without making the man convert, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks,


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