The mcmarriage group started meeting in Southall    in the late 1990s when a small group of us made a decision to take a step into the unknown, not just to live our Muslim/Christian relationships quietly and privately but to make contact with others in a ‘safe’ setting where we could share our experience good and bad. Since then we have been meeting twice a year in Southall, communicating more than that, and have grown in trust and experience to the extent that we feel we might have a modest contribution to make. We couldn’t have got this far without the help of wise people who have made the interfaith world so much more than a pious hope. Our interfaith facilitators have bequeathed to us the ‘language’ of tolerance that makes it possible for us to talk at all, and a wider community of people who think both faiths matter, so that we really do not feel alone, but most of all they give us the courage ‘not to cease from exploration’.



We are a network of people involved in or closely affected by Muslim/Christian marriage. We have a variety of backgrounds and affiliations across both faith traditions. We are united by our experience of living with both faiths at the heart of our love and our lives and by our desire to explore, value, celebrate and share this experience.

We do this by holding regular meetings, enjoyable and uniting social occasions which also provide an opportunity for members to discuss sincerely and openly with sympathetic others whatever issues affect them. The group has no particular religious bias or concern beyond the mutual support for committed people engaged on unique but related life journeys. Its underlying principles are goodwill and courtesy towards the sensibilities of others and tolerance of their different viewpoints.


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